About The Artwork

Welcome to Collin Taylor Fine Art Photography. The limited edition online collection here is produced using the very finest museum grade materials available. The detailed information below will educate you on the fine art print options I offer and which will suit your home or office best. I offer four series of fine art mediums. Scroll down to find the correct one for you. If you have any questions or would like to order a size not shown in the shop fine art section please contact me.

Why Choose Collin Taylor Fine Art Photography?

I take great pride in not only the craftsmanship and quality of my fine art photography artwork, but also in creating a buying process that leaves my collectors satisfied not only with their art, but with the entire purchasing experience.

you will always work exclusively with me, the artist and never a salesperson. I work with every collector that purchases artwork through my gallery website. So you can rest assured knowing the process of ordering your artwork will be handled with the utmost quality of customer service.

Limited Elite Series | Roma Framed Lumachrome Trulife® Acrylic | Ready To Hang

ROMA FRAMED LUMACHROME TRULIFE® ACRYLIC is the ultimate in luxury. Made in Italy is, above all, a commitment to those who buy the product. Made in Italy stands for quality design, luxury and sophistication. There is an intrinsic beauty and value to an object that has been meticulously crafted by skilled hands. No plastic. No poly. No composite. No toxic finishes of any kind. Just solid, natural woods and non-toxic finishes applied by true masters of the craft. Artisans not only committed to maintaining traditional, time-tested techniques, but also to finding new technologies and methods to further enhance their craft. ROMA MOULDING paired with LUMACHROME TRULIFE® ACRYLIC is an Elite pairing in the Fine Art Photography world. I offer 9 types of Elite Roma Frame.

All Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic artwork 20” x 30” and larger is a Limited Edition Collection. Each artwork comes signed and numbered in an edition of 100. A letter of authenticity will be mailed separate of the artwork.

Elite Series 36" x 54" Elite Dark Ash frame with 3" Black Linen Liner | 'Sanctuary'
    1. Elite Dark Ash 4", 2. Elite Cigar Leaf 4", 3. Tobacchino Tobacco Leaf 4", 4. Silver Scoop 4", 5. Ramino | Satin Black 3.5", 6. Ramino | Satin White 3.5", 7. Arber | Satin Black 4", 8. Arber | Satin White 4", 9. Ramino Silver 2.75"
    Most popular Roma Frames
    Each Roma Frame has the option of 3" - 4" Black, White or off White Linen Liner

    Limited Luxury Series | Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic | Ready To Hang

    A boutique artist own print lab. Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic is an innovative single sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic, developed specifically for face mount applications. These acrylic art pieces are frameless and give an ultra modern look and visual appeal. They capture details with lifelike colors, incredible depth, and clarity for the highest-resolution viewing experience possible. These museum grade archival prints have a striking 3D appearance. Luxury Series Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic comes anti glare coated, hand polished edges, 1/8" acrylic backer, 3/4" or 1 1/4" composite float frame with a french cleat for hanging.

    All Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic art pieces 20” x 30” and larger is a Limited Edition Collection. Each artwork comes signed and numbered in an edition of 50-100. A letter of authenticity will be mailed separate of the artwork.

    Luxury Series 20" x 60" Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic | ' Reflections'

      Care and Handling - How to clean your Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic

      We recommend you use a microfiber cloth with the tag torn off to eliminate the risk of scratching the art piece. Novus is an acrylic cleaner it's anti-static, repels dust and leaves the acrylic free from residue. Do not use a paper towel to clean the acrylic. This increases the risk of finely scratching the surface of the acrylic

      Deluxe Series | ChromaLuxe HD Metal | Gallery Float

      These open edition prints are made using a method called dye sublimation. ChromaLuxe HD Aluminum Metal prints are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. Images are infused directly into specially coated aluminum, ChromaLuxe aluminum prints offer unsurpassed color vibrancy, exceptional detail, color resolution and print permanence. Under normal conditions with some sunlight, these metal prints will not fade for over 200 years. ChromaLuxe is resistant to weather such as sunlight, rain, and other environmental conditions. If you are looking for artwork specifically to hang outdoors ChromaLuxe HD Outdoor is designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Please contact me if you are looking for ChromaLuxe HD Outdoor. All aluminum prints come with a glossy finish. Depending on size each piece comes with either gallery float hangers or 3/4" inset frame in either silver or black on the backside of the art piece for easy wall hanging.
      all Chromaluxe HD Metal artwork are open editions.

      Deluxe Series 24" x 36" Chromaluxe HD Metal | 'Sea and Rhythm'

      Care and Handling - How to clean your ChromaLuxe HD Metal

      We recommend you use a microfiber cloth with the tag torn off to eliminate the risk of scratching the art piece. The metal prints can be cleaned with a cloth and any all-purpose household cleaner. The cleaner can be sprayed directly on the surface of the print and then wiped with a cloth as needed.

      Classic Series | Fuji Color Pearl Prints | Ready to Frame

      For the classic series I offer Fuji Color Crystal Archive Pearl. This fine art photo paper has an extremely wide color gamut, and is non-fade for at least 75 years. It produces vibrant colors and has great contrast. For those who wish to do their own professional framing. Fuji Color Crystal Archive Pearl is the perfect choice. The classic series comes with a 2" border around the print.

      Classic Series 20" x 30" | 'Kaanapali Palm'

      Post Processing and Website Image Quality

      I have spent many hours in the field and behind a computer learning and perfecting techniques to ensure my artwork is of the highest quality. Each photograph has been processed for print in all sizes offered here. Each post edit is unique using the latest techniques to optimize print quality.

      When viewing images on this website know the file sizes have been compressed to the smallest size to ensure the efficiency of the website is 100%. All image files are high resolution, much sharper and hold incredible color and detail when printed.

      Limited Editions

      All Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic artwork 20” x 30” and larger are part of a Limited Edition Collection. Each artwork comes signed and numbered in an edition of 50 or 100. This number is the total prints made for all sizes available. When each art piece has reached its production limit, regardless of medium or size it will never be produced again. This keeps each piece rare and promotes its value to you as a collector. For provenance a letter of authenticity will be mailed separate of the artwork.

      Artist Proof

      For certain images I offer one AP or 'Artist Proof'. Many of the images you'll find here come in limited editions of 50-100. There will only ever be one AP (Artist Proof). These Artist Proofs are especially rare and are intended for the fine art collector who wishes to own a one of a kind artwork. These investments will increase in value over time. Each Artist Proof is a Lumachrome Trulife® Acrylic with ROMA moulding. The piece will be embedded with a signature and a designation of AP. A laminated letter will also accompany the artwork detailing descriptions of how the piece was captured in the field and the artists thoughts on the image.


      Acrylic and metal prints are available in sizes ranging from 12" x 18” to 60” x 90” certain images can be produced larger. Larger sizes can also be split into a triptych. A triptych is 3 separate panels that creates one larger image. Each piece is usually spread 2" to 4" apart. Triptychs give the viewer a unique perspective of the artwork. Please contact me for custom sizes not shown in the print options.

      Luxury Series 24" x 72" Lumachrome Trulife® acrylic | ' Reflections'

      Production and Shipping

      Ordering your print is easy and secure. We use Stripe to process your credit card. Stripe is a third party company that processes millions of credit card transactions a day and is 100% secure. Shipping is free to the lower 48 United States. We also offer reasonable shipping rates to Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping crates on prints 30" and up are custom made to protect the artwork. Every art piece sold is packaged professionally and fully insured to ensure your order arrives undamaged. Due to print and shipping company requirements, all deliveries must be fully inspected within 48 hours of delivery. In the rare instance where a piece is damaged during delivery, please take photos of the package and the damaged art piece then e-mail them to Collin Taylor. I will notify the print lab and a replacement will be ordered.

      Refund Policy

      I strive to ensure the artwork I produce is of the highest quality. The artwork sold on this website is custom made to order and is not eligible for returns except if the artwork is damaged during delivery (see instructions above).