To Crestone and the Dunes

On a whim we made a trip down to the Dunes with a few stops in between. I've been thinking of a photograph I've wanted to capture since the last time I was there but the weather didn't cooperate.. there's always next time. First stop was outside Buena Vista, A storm was blowing over the Collegiates as we were driving down 285.

Our second stop was in the mystical town of Crestone at the base of Crestone peak in the San Luis Valley. I wanted to visit land my dad owns in this spiritual hippie haven where the residents are earth conscious environmentalists, definitely my kind of place to hide away. We stopped for some food and within twenty minutes It went from sunny blue skies to hailing three inches and enshrouded in fog.

After leaving Crestone we headed for the Great Sand Dunes. The weather wasn't what I was expecting or the weather channel for that matter. The entire time the wind wouldn't stop blowing sand around which makes terrible conditions for camera equipment which I decided to keep in the case and not risk ruining. That evening there was a sweet display of light at sunset, one you don't see very often.

Instead of dragging Iris around for an early morning hike we slept in and explored Medano Creek and the spectacular ecosystem along the base of the Dunes.

Iris sinking into the sand

Iris sinking into the sand

After leaving the dunes we stopped by Mt Princeton Hot Springs for some soaking and happened to run into Judd Apatow strolling around the springs wearing a tiny purple party top hat. I love that guy!

Til the next adventure!